Accessories for chromatography pumps


Our range of accessories for chromatography pumps includes:

  • BAL SEAL® piston seals made of PTFE or PE

  • Pump piston units

  • Ball valves

  • Valve units, valve housings and valve cartridges


Spring-supported seals with a sleeve made of PTFE or PE for chromatography pumps

BAL SEAL® is the world's leading manufacturer of piston seals used in chromatography pumps. Depending on the application, they are available in the following materials:

  • pure PTFE

  • graphite-filled PTFE

  • carbon-graphite-filled PTFE

  • graphite-filled PTFE

  • reinforced, graphite-filled PTFE

  • Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, especially for aqueous media



BAL SEAL® seals are suitable for all solvents commonly used in chromatography and, thanks to the smallest installation dimensions, are characterized by a low dead volume. Start-up and movement friction are low, and the seals can be used for a small pressure range from vacuum to 700 bar or with support rings up to over 1000 bar. As an elastic element, the sealing sleeve has an elliptically wound and obliquely installed spring. The unique design and installation of the spring ensures a practically constant contact pressure over a long spring travel, ie the preload of the seal does not change during operation under the usual wear conditions. The springs are made of rust-resistant stainless steel as standard. They are also available for special applications in Hastelloy C® or titanium.










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